annuals & perennials  

Perennials are a great value – plant them once, and they return to your garden year after year. While most perennials bloom for a few weeks to a few months, a selection of perennials can be planted so that something is blooming in your yard nearly year-round.

Annuals are the “bling” of the garden center, the bright bursts of color that you find in row after row in May and June. As their name implies, you plant them once, and they provide bright color for the entire growing season, but do not survive the winter.

Outdoor Living & Watergardens offers a wide selection of quality annuals and perennials in many sizes, from easy-to-establish 4” and 6” plants to hanging baskets and finished combination pots. We have all the tried-and-true favorites as well as the latest trends in flowering plants, from shade- to sun-lovers and everything in between. And if you buy a pot, we can even custom plant it
for you!

Some of the quality products we carry include: